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Sharpens & Smooths Razor Blades!

Get a Smooth, Comfortable Shave

Over and Over Again!

Like Shaving with New Razor Blade Every Time!

Works on ALL Razor Blades! Most Expensive

Blades to the Cheapest!

Up to 10 times more shaves with your Razor Blade!

Environmentally Friendly!

Handmade with High Quality Leather!

Manufactured in the USA

easy to use

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Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

When John first told me about his idea of producing a sharpening strap for razors, I thought he had a great idea, but I had never sharpened a blade or knife myself, so I was a bit skeptical of how everyday consumers would receive this product. I will have to say, that my skepticism was indeed unfounded, as the Razor Renew is extremely simple to use and the product works better than I had imagined. Personally, without naming names of the types of overpriced blades I used to purchase every couple of weeks, I will have to say that since buying my Razor Renew 18 months ago, I have purchased only 5 razor blades and I shave every day. Excellent idea and a great product!

Matt Steigmeyer Marketing Director Tippmann Industrial Products, Inc.

Hi! My name is Mike and I’m a 25 year old Firefighter in Phoenix Arizona.  It’s been about 8 months now since I bought RazorRenew and it has saved me HUNDREDS of dollars. I’m Italian and Spanish and I shave my entire body, I was going through about 2-3 razors a month. But now with RazorRenew, I usually go one month with a razor, sometimes longer (depending on how often I shave). As long as you keep the leather clean, dry and use it when your razor is dry…it should last forever. I use it before EVERY shave and it’s like a new razor everytime and the leather strap looks as good now as it did the day I bought it. Thanks John. Mike M.



  • Note: Razor Renew Short and Razor Renew Long are not as wide or long as a traditional – Old Fashioned Leather Strop! The usable body/length of Razor Renew Short is 7” and the usable body/length of Razor Renew Long is 12.5”. Both Razor Renew Short and Razor Renew Long are 1.5” wide.
  • It is not recommended that you use any type of paste, dust, on the smooth side of Razor Renew – it will ruin the smooth leather side.

Free Shipping in USA…..and Canada $5.00